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ECALM 2017

On 3-4th March 2017 the European Congress of Aesthetic and Laser Medicine was held in Russia (ECALM 2017)

The Congress was visited by more than 400 leading dermatologists and cosmetologists from Russia and other countries. The President of the Congress was the Head of the European Laser Association (ELA) Mario Trelles (Spain), PhD, Professor, Plastic Surgeon.

The Congress was attended by 58 speakers, including prominent industry experts: Jean-Paul Meningaud (France), Zoran Žgaljardić (Croatia), Mohan Thomas (India), Firas Hamdan (Lebanon), Barbara Hersant (France), Gilles Peyrot des Gachons (France), Victor Clatici (Romania) and many others.        

The organiser of the Congress - the Academy of Laser Medicine (ALM), a scientific organisation bringing together Russian and foreign doctors of various specialties applying laser technologies in their practice. The ALM mission is to improve the competence of professionals using lasers in medicine and to improve the quality of the services provided with the use of laser systems.

The distinctive feature of the Congress is its independent content, which is very rare for a commercial industry such as aesthetic medicine. Over 80 interesting reports were presented, accompanied by lively discussions. 5 practical workshops were conducted, as well as round tables on the most topical issues of aesthetic and laser medicine.

In the framework of ECALM-2017 a training course on the use of lasers in aesthetic medicine was held for the first time. It was visited by around 100 people. The course was conducted by the doctors of  LINLINE chain of clinics, the general partner of the event in Russia.  

The Dermatoscopy training course, organised by the Department of Skin Diseases and Cosmetology of RSMU named after N.I. Pirogov, also aroused great interest among the participants. The subject of dermatoscopy in aesthetic medicine has previously received insufficient attention, although for cosmetologists this aspect is extremely important and relevant.


Congress program 2017