Certified Training Course

You will receive 18 NMO Points.
The program was developed on the basis of the license of RUDN for educational activities No. 1204 dated December 23, 2014 and on the basis of the professional part of the Federal State Educational Standard of higher professional education in the field of General Medicine and Pediatrics and the main professional program of postgraduate education in the specialty 31.08.32 Dermatovenereology and 31.08.38 "Cosmetology" (Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation of August 25, 2014 N 1074).
Course duration 2 days (12 ac. Hours)
State Certificate
Theory + Practice
You will acquire additional competencies in the specialty "Dermatovenereology" and "Cosmetology".
The implementation of the program is aimed at acquiring additional competencies in the specialty "Dermatovenerology" and "Cosmetology".

The goal of the program is to increase the professional level, acquire new basic theoretical and professional skills on the application of laser treatment methods in dermatovenereology and cosmetology, allowing them to be effectively used in the practice of various doctors, gaining additional competencies on the basis of the professional part of the GEF of higher professional education 08/31/32. "Dermatovenerology" and 08/31/38 "Cosmetology".

After the course you will KNOW:

  1. Principles of laser radiation on the skin
  2. Physical and biological effects that are realized in the tissues under the influence of laser radiation
  3. Classification of lasers used in dermatology and cosmetology
  4. Safety when working with laser radiation
  5. Indications and contraindications to the use of laser methods in dermatology and cosmetology
  6. Possibilities of combining laser treatments with other therapies in dermatology and cosmetology
  7. Principles of choice of laser radiation and physical parameters in various nosologies
  8. Features of the rehabilitation period and recommendations after laser treatment methods

  1. Follow the safety instructions when working with laser equipment.
  2. To conduct the selection of patients for laser methods of treatment with various nosologies
  3. Choose a laser treatment method for various nosologies
  4. Predict the therapeutic result of the application of laser methods in various nosologies
  5. Recommend the patient the rules of care after the procedure, depending on the type of laser exposure.
  6. Combine laser treatments with other therapies
Kalashnikova Natalya
Surgeon, cosmetologist, adviser to Allergan, ALM Laser Cosmetology Program Manager
Pozdeeva Ekaterina
Dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist, medical adviser to Allergan, chief physician of the LINLINE clinic network
Zakharov Dmitry
Dermatologist, cosmetologist,
thread technology specialist
Galderma certified trainer
ECALM Academy coach
Valeria Bondarenko
Dermatologist, cosmetologist, certified trainer
Igoshina Anastasia
Dermatologist, cosmetologist of corporate university LINLINE
Теоретический блок

  • Основы лазерной физики: отражение теории в практике
  • Лазерная эпиляция: все ли так просто?
  • Лазерное удаление татуировок: физика определяет тактику
  • Лазерное омоложение: обоснованный выбор - прогнозируемый результат. Часть 1. Неаблятивные методы
  • Лазерное омоложение: обоснованный выбор - прогнозируемый результат. Часть 2. Аблятивные методы
  • Принципы эффективного применения лазеров в лечении гиперпигментаций кожи
  • Чрескожная лазерная коагуляция сосудистой патологии с учетом нозологии и патогенеза
  • Новообразования кожи: что и как можно удалять лазером?
  • Анализ осложнений лазерных методов в эстетической медицине
Практический блок

  • Мастер-класс. Высокая эффективность Qool-эпиляции расширяет возможности и снимает ограничения
  • Мастер-класс. Повышение эффективности и безопасности лазерного удаления татуировок за счет подачи Q-sw импульсов цугами
  • Мастер-класс. RecoSMA - нетермический интерференционный метод микротравмирования в структурном омоложении мягких тканей
  • Мастер-класс. Метод точечной коагуляции в коррекции гиперпигментации
  • Мастер-класс. Чрескожная лазерная коагуляция сосудов
Запись на конгресс «ECALM 2019»
Стоимость участия 34 900 рублей
Нажимая на кнопку, вы даете согласие на обработку персональных данных
и соглашаетесь c политикой конфиденциальности
List of required documents for admission to the course:
    • Passport (homepage, registration)
    • Medical degree
    • Documents on the completion of internship or residency (certificate / diploma, certificate)
    • In the presence of professional retraining in the above-mentioned specialties, including cosmetology - a diploma, certificate
    • Employment record (main page and page indicating the current place of work)
    • Postal address with an index for the delivery of the identity and contact phone number
    All documents, including certificates, must be valid on the dates of the training!

    Copies of documents must be sent electronically to info@alm.rf, denoting the title of the letter in the title of the letter: "Documents for the training course from the full name (in full)"

    Documents are accepted only if there is a payment for the training course.

    The term of production of the certificate from 2 to 4 months

    The training course "Laser methods of aesthetic medicine in practical algorithms" can be taken by doctors who have higher professional education in the field of "General Medicine" and "Pediatrics".
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